I'm Natasha Anwar,
a Product Designer
based in Toronto

My process focuses on understanding the problem, rapid sprints, and rapid iterations.

Research ⇒Design ⇒ Measure ⇒ Refine

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Connecting the vision with the results

I’m passionate about the lean methodology, design sprints, and user validation.
I shape a product through iteration cycles that focus on both features and new problems.

I treat my workflow the way I treat products: frequently reflecting, refining, and improving through iteration cycles.

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Creative problem solving
using my diverse experience

As a multifaceted designer, I wear many hats thinking about a problem from multiple angles.
Every single experience connects as part of a bigger picture.

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Define Yourself by
Values and not Habits

How to respond to the dreadful
“Tell me more about yourself”

Having a set of predefined core values definitely helps in answering this question without feeling ambushed. This is because your self-identity is directly linked to your observation of self and others and it guides your values, behaviors, decisions, making you more of who you want to be.

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